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What Is Astrology?
People have always been inspired and moved by the planets and stars. Most cultures believe that the divine lies somewhere within the sky and that there is a cosmic force that operates both on a grand scale as well as an intimate one. Astrology, to put it simply, is the study of patterns and relationships involving the motions of the planets and stars. With this knowledge you can track such things as birth charts as well as your synergy with others. However, there is so much to understand about Astrology.

What Does Astrology Have To Do With Science?
Astrology is not widely accepted as a modern science and is generally thought that it does not have much to do with modern sciences, nor is it categorized along with other sciences such as Chemistry, Biology, etc. Think of Astrology as more of a study of metaphysics (the study of things beyond the physical). It is similar to other ancient fields involving energy patterns including Feng Shui, Yoga, Acupuncture, and several others. In some circles, Astrology is considered the mastery of intuition, and it is believed to have been around long before written recorded history.

How Can Astrology Help Me?

At first Astrology can seem very complicated; this is most likely because it requires a different kind of wisdom than the one that gets us through everyday life or that most people are taught throughout the modern public education systems. If used correctly, however, it can become an amazing self discovery tool. Sometimes life just seems like a series of meaningless events, but Astrology shows us that maybe everything really does happen for a reason. We can use this knowledge to help make better choices for ourselves because those of us who use Astrology have a better understanding of how the pieces to the puzzle of life fit.

What Is The Celestial Clock?
The premise of Astrology is that the planetary movements help influence what astrologists’ referred to as “Moments In Time”. We are all a part of the story that the universe is telling, so much so that each and every one of our births are recorded on the celestial clock and are meaningful. As our planet moves, it engages with the fixed in-time energies of our birth chart and helps us understand what might lie ahead, giving us clarity on what we should do.

Can Astrology Help With Love?

Astrology provided cosmic clues all of the time involving relationships and why we are attracted to whomever we are attracted to. It also gives us clues as to why we are “put off” or “just don’t care” about others. It makes it easier to understand personality clashes with others, as well as finding your true soul mate. For example, if a connection is sparked by friction, Astrology can help see the long view so that you can not only make the proper decision but grow as a person because of it.

What Else Is There to Know About Astrology?
Astrology is all about giving you a deeper understanding of yourself, the world around you, and all of your relationships regardless of if it’s your lover, boss, neighbor, or sibling. If you compare a couple’s birth chart you can help alert them to areas where they might come into conflict at some point. This is known as “Synastry”. Astrology also shows where “Karma” is being played out, teaching very hard but very necessary lessons to all of us.

As you can see, Astrology has many wonderful uses and can be applied to all walks of life. If you are new to it, or have never looked into it before, spend some time reading up about yourself and you may be impressed with the results.